Taking Social Offline

I work from my home office in Bozeman, MT and often find myself getting sucked into work. Before I know it the day is gone and I have not left the house. In an effort to enjoy our uncharacteristic Indian summer this year, I have be making it a priority to get out on hikes with the dogs. To my surprise, these activities have been great for business and creativity.

On the trails, I have been running into old acquaintances where our catch up conversations have led to business opportunities. I have learned more about what the local business community needs are and truly get to engage which creates a level of personalization that is hard to come by in todays online world. The conversations are genuine and thoughtful - leaving me with new perspectives, ideas and inspiration. Additionally, these conversations build on established relationships and create trust. 

This got me thinking of ways to translate some of this personalized value online. A few good ways to engage with a community via established social channels include Twitter Chat and Google+ Communities. These tools provide a way to create social gatherings where you can host and participate in real conversations while building a community that has similar interests and goals. Not only will you be able to create a relationship with these individuals, but you will provide them with the ability to collaborate and generate ideas with other community members which is of tremendous value. This type of social engagement is an investment that will generate value for everyone in the community and potential opportunities that you can't predict. 

“Influence isn’t about who uses a hashtag the most, its about who the community trusts, listens to and has relationships with!” - Brian Fanzo

What are your favorite ways to engage?


Carie Omland

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