Startups: Finding Ways To Be Creative

It is so easy to get into a daily routine and get a little stuck there, especially if you are a creature of habit like me. Routine is great for getting things done but sometimes you need a little creativity to take your work to the next level or see the bigger picture. It is my belief that no matter what line of work a person is in, the and most successful use creativity to elevate their work. A few ways to achieve creative thinking:

  1. Hold meetings outside or on a local trail. Who says a meeting has to occur in a conference room or over coffee? I sit way too much, so a little bit of fresh air is a welcome alternative to the norm.
  2. Schedule time to brainstorm weekly. Brainstorm by yourself or with others. You will find that the task of brainstorming takes relatively very little time, you just have to do it. Treat this time as you would any other important meeting. 
  3. Listen to podcasts or read articles that are tangentially related to your project. For example, with my background in finance, I have always been interested in economics. I am continuously amazed at how I can gain perspective on my business from podcasts such as NPR's Planet Money. This is just one example, there are many sources out there.
  4. Pivot. Consider what is working and what isn't. Are there ways to take advantage of the opportunities presented by what is working? For me, it was seeing that a drop-shipping business was not my calling, but my technical skills and interest in SEO presented an opportunity. Alas, Hobknob was re-born as a different business, one that I am truly passionate about.

How do you find creativity?

Carie Omland

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