Review: Squarespace

I am a huge fan of the little things in life - especially things that make it easier. As you might have noticed, my site has a new look and feel! I decided to abandon my old platform and moved to Squarespace. I could not be happier. I should add that I have used the Squarespace platform in the past for clients and have found great success with it, so I did know what I was getting into. With that, I thought I would take some time to outline some of my favorite features that they offer.

Some of my main reasons for switching included: beautiful design, ease of use, robust tools and the option for e-commerce. 

Beautiful design - Squarespace is known for its ability to showcase content through its user interface, which focuses on the presentation. They offer overlays and layout customization that greatly add to the user experience.

Ease of use - Numerous templates are available for all types of sites. It is very simple to pick one and start building. You can always switch templates later. Squarespace allows you to start creating immediately and iterate later.

Robust tools - Impressive. Since my background is in user tools for e-commerce, I have an affinity for tools. The LAYOUTENGINE 2 features allow you to add 'blocks' within your site. Blocks include things like gallery, video, social, maps, etc. This feature is very powerful when combined with drag and drop. Even though you are using a pre-defined template, you still have a great deal of flexibility in terms of how your site flows and where certain blocks are located. You can take a look at their feature index and see for yourself!

The blogging tools are equally useful. Whether your are an individual working on your site or have a team of contributors, Squarespace has tools to enable workflow and scheduling of posts.

As you know, tools and features related to SEO are very important, especially when you are getting started and need to create awareness. Squarespace has eliminated SEO plugins - bravo! They have done a great job of removing the majority of the work and automated it. This is a huge time savings especially when you have a hard time finding time to write a blog post in the first place.

E-commerce - I love that this platform enables users to truly hide the cart and use the platform without e-commerce. If at some point, you should need a cart, it is there to start using. In the meantime, you can simply have a site that is personalized to your needs.

Overall, this platform is a great place to start for many business types. I only scratched the surface with the capabilities that they offer in this post. If you have any questions, send me a tweet!

Carie Omland

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