Squarespace for Entrepreneuers


Squarespace is a website platform that offers everything that an entrepreneur or local business needs to get their site live and establish a web presence for their brand publicly. We use Squarespace for most of our clients because it is simple yet powerful enough to accommodate their evolving needs.


  • Cover page - Squarespace offers a cover page option that is a single page website. This feature is useful for businesses that want to get their online presence established and offer basic information about their brand. This is the perfect feature to use while building out a full website. Types of cover pages include landing, profile, audio, video and map. You can easily set this up and have it live within minutes.
  • Website - A full feature website platform that offers various templates that will fit your type of business. Create all the pages that you need with the flexibility to add content blocks within each page to customize the look and feel for your brand. Content blocks include options specifically designed to accommodate content such as video, text, image, newsletter signup, charts, social links, and much more. The flexibility of content blocks combined with a template is where Squarespace becomes very powerful and flexible for businesses without the need for custom code.
  • Online store - One of our favorite features that Squarespace offers is the flexibility to start with a basic website and then add commerce later on to integrate with your galleries and blogs if your brand moves into the business of selling online. They offer all of the typical commerce capabilities that online retailers need.
  • Logo maker - Squarespace offers a tool to create your own logo. The tool is simple, yet effective and is just one more feature that allows a brand to get their site up and running quickly without having to go through a long and expensive process of working with a logo designer. If you have a paid Squarespace site, this tool is free to use. If you are not a Squarespace customer, they have an option to buy whatever you design for $10. While the tools is not the most robust or flexible option out there, it is great for simple designs, which we prefer.
  • Domain - Getting a domain is very simple and I love that you can do it right within the Squarespace application. 
  • SEO - This area can be very complicated and complex for many. Squarespace has built in features that do a good job of coving the bases of SEO from a technical perspective by including things like HTML markup, automatic tagging, and clean URLs. Just know, you still have to work on the rest of your SEO strategy, which is no simple task.
  • Professional Email from Google - Squarespace has made it very easy to establish a custom email address that uses your domain through Google Apps, which includes valuable features like Google Calendar and Google Drive. 


  • Community - Squarespace Circle is a community for members of the Squarespace community who have at least three or active websites on the platform. The community provides product updates and conversations with other creators.
  • Responsive design - The templates are designed to be mobile friendly, adjusting your content to whatever device is being used by your visitors. This is just one less thing that you have to worry about, which means more time for you to grow your business.

Is Squarespace right for you?

If you have a business or just want to build a personal website, the Squarespace platform is a great option and is reasonably priced. It allows you to grow your online presence for your brand from a simple cover page to a full website or online store, whatever you need.

All in all, Squarespace is a great platform for anyone from the novice user to the experienced. They have all the tools you need to get started with a stunning website. Let them do the heavy lifting for your website and all of its technical needs while you focus on growing your business.

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Carie Omland

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